App Inventor

App Inventor Development Tool
  I have built mobile device applications for the Android OS.  My focus is on building functional, efficient, quality apps.  Each app I release goes through extensive research, planning, and testing to ensure it meets market standards and customer needs.  Thanks to Google's Android OS I am capable of bringing all android users apps that are easy to use, that increase productivity, and that make using an android device fun.  Please browse through my current list of available apps and find the perfect app that is right for you.

  These apps are built using a development tool that was first built by Google and later taken over by MIT.  It is the App Inventor software tool.  App Inventor makes it easy for the beginning programmer to learn the basics of putting an android app together.  It allows you to design the layout of the app and also do basic computations and programming logic.  It also allows for the more immediate programmer to tie in web services to make more advanced apps.  If you have ever wondered just what it takes to build and android app look to get started with App Inventor.