My Vins

Almost any vehicle today has a VIN (identification) number and most vehicles whether it be a car, truck, motor home, or play toy (atv, snowmobile, motorcycle) have to be registered.  myVins is a Nu Taps app to store VIN numbers to make it handy to have all of your VINs in one central location. 

You can scan the vin number using your devices camera, add up to 10 photos of the vehicle for quick reference, and store insurance information in case of an accident.  There is no limit to the number of VINs that can stored.  myVins is the first app to make managing your most important vehicle information easy.

myVins at a snap shot:
  • Scan Vin Number with device
  • Store Vin, Vehicle Description, License Plate/Tag info
  • Add picture or take picture of vehicle
  • Add insurance information of vehicle
  • Call insurance company from myVins
  • Email Vin file
  • Links to DMV web sites
Note: Scanning requires the "Barcode Scanner" app made by ZXING Team found for free on the Andriod Market.  Pictures will have to be added as attachments when emailing vin file.

Where you can find myVins:

Google Play